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In Episode 3 of, "The Road To Glory" Special Guest, Zach Nolan shares a very special Palm Sunday message from John 12:12-26.  His message, "Trusting In God" reminds us that sometimes the things that God is doing don't always go according to our own plans. Yet God still has our best in mind in all of his works.


In the second episode of "The Road To Glory," Pastor Jeremiah continues to follow the life of Jesus in the book of John. In Chapter 12:1-11, we see Jesus at a party in the town of Bethany and we are challenged as a church, as families, and even as individuals.


As we lead up to Easter Sunday we've started a new series called, "The Road To Glory." This series centers around Jesus and the events in his ministry that lead up to his crucifixion and resurrection. In this first episode, Pastor Jeremiah takes us through John 11 with a look at the miracle of the resurrection of Lazarus! 


In this special presentation from Bo Higby and Kelly Shattuck of Youth Dynamics, we'll learn about the unique ministries and opportunities for youth in southern Idaho. Later, Bo shares an important message with us about what it means to be a Slinger from 1 Samuel 17:32-51. 


Trash it, or fix it? Those are often the only two options we consider when something breaks down.  In John 21 Pastor Marty Sondermann explains how Jesus approached the situation of Peter's breakdown of faith. Jesus was intentional to not only help Peter repair his faith but he restored Peter's calling.


Recently, Calvary Chapel Emmett began a new season of ministry as we begin construction of a new building, while Senior Pastor Michael Hughes takes a much needed sabbatical. In this special message, Assistant Pastor Jeremiah Campos shares what the next few months will look like. More importantly, he'll lead us through passages in 1 Timothy and Ephesians that encourage and equip us for the battles we face in life.


When it comes to matters of the heart the Bible is full of wisdom. Take a listen as Pastor Jeremiah Campos shows us the importance of keeping our hearts as taught in Proverbs 4.  


Have you ever gotten caught up in the wrong crowd? In Numbers 11, Pastor Jeremiah Campos shows us how sometimes we can end up in some very sickening and disgusting circumstances when we allow ourselves to get caught up in the things of the world.


Every now and then you might come across a genealogy as you read the Bible. It's a long list of names that make up the generations of a family. Reading a genealogy might seem like a boring task but as Pastor Michael Hughes shows us from Luke 3:23-38, a genealogy isn't just a list of names. A genealogy is a testimony of God's work and will through the centuries.


Who was John the Baptist and what made him so different? As we look at Luke 3:1-22 with pastor Michael Hughes, we'll discover that John the Baptist knew his calling and he lived like it!

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