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Losing sight or track of a child is every parent's greatest fear. Losing sight of Jesus should be every Christian's fear. Take a listen to Pastor Michael Hughes as he shares from Luke 2:41-52 in a message titled, "Losing Jesus."


Have you ever experienced a moment where you know that God brought someone into your life for that specific situation? Take a listen to Pastor Michael Hughes as he shares from Luke 2:22-40 with a message titled, "Divine Appointments"


Life can feel like a rollercoaster sometimes. The ups and downs of life can take us for quite a ride but is that really how our lives should be lived? As pastor Jeremiah Campos explains from 1 Corinthians 15:57-58, we are called to stand firm in confidence and contentment regardless of how up and down the world around us becomes.


Christmas is more than just a season or a date on the calendar. As Pastor Michael Hughes shows us from Luke 2:1-21, Christmas is a miracle that deserves our appreciation in every season and on every day!


Join us as Pastor Michael Hughes begins a new study through the Gospel of Luke with a message titled, "Two For One."


What would it look like if Christians lived their lives according to Biblical principals on a daily basis? As Pastor Michael Hughes shows us from James 5:9-20, when we live like Christ we are empowered to radically change the lives of others for eternity!


We often set goals based on our ideas of the future. Then we live our daily lives in order to accomplish those goals. In James 4:13-5:8, Pastor Michael Hughes shows us how God might be challenging us to reconsider what our goals and priorities should really look like based on the truth of eternity.


What is the source of so much of the troubles, arguments, and strife in our lives? As Pastor Michael Hughes leads us through James 4:1-10, we'll discover that the enemy we're truly facing might be much greater than the person we're arguing with.


What is wisdom and how exactly do we obtain it?  As Pastor Michael Hughes shows us from James 3:13-18, true wisdom is from God.


What causes the most trouble in a gathering of believers? As Pastor Michael Hughes shares from James 3:1-12, the answer might surprise you.

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